Have you ever had a project so big it seemed like progress was glacially slow? Or have you had a health issue that was slow to heal, medical treatment so far apart that it seemed the pain would never stop? We have embarked on one of these projects. On March 10, 2023 Fallout Shelter Ministries

The first time I saw you.

The first time I saw her was on Monday, she shuffled into the juvenile courtroom. She was trailed by a deputy who towered over her tiny frame. Her shoulders slumped as if the handcuffs on her wrists were pulling her toward the floor. She was seated in the jury box and was called on by the

Uganda 2022- Mission Update

Uganda. September 25 through October 13, 2022 We departed Malawi, where we had been for ten days, and flew to Mozambique, Ethiopia, and finally arrived in Uganda. Not a bad twelve-hour trip. We arrived at Entebbe at 1:00 a.m. and worked our way through Covid checks and immigration. We found our bags, changed some dollars

Invictus… the tenants, and an update.

Well, it’s been a bit since I typed up something to share with you all. It’s been an interesting time here at Fallout Shelter Ministries. Since the first of the year, we have trained around 800 people in self-defense, in the USA, Costa Rica and Mexico. The Fallout Shelter gym is always filled with happy

What does it take?

What does it take to run a ministry?   I have been asking myself this question, and have been asked by a few others, so I thought I would address this burning question.  When people ask what Fallout Shelter Ministries is, or ask how can a martial arts/firearms thing be a ministry, sometimes it takes a

What is this place… really?

The interesting thing is that Fallout Shelter Ministries is all these things and more. We have always carried the motto “preparing people for the unexpected” and our focus has grown as we see a growing need. As our capabilities and resources have grown, we have been able to respond to those needs. We seek to lead people to the Kingdom of God by engaging and equipping them mentally, physically, and spiritually.
I am going to break down some of our whys. We follow a simple formula (LOVE2+GO).