Self Defense is the foundation of Fallout Shelter Ministries.

Our goal is to help people of all ages use mental, physical and spiritual skills to manage fear, gain confidence, and learn effective safety skills. We vehemently believe you are created beautifully and you are priceless. Because of your intrinsic value, we are willing to invest our time, share our knowledge and help make you safer, better able to protect yourself from the dangers in the world. 

If you attend a seminar or ongoing classes, you will learn how your body responds to violence, how your ‘fight or flight’ affects your body during stress and violent encounters, how to recognize preattack cues, how your body naturally reacts to violence and how to turn that reaction into an effective response. 

Contact us for customized training for schools, churches, business, youth groups… if you invite us, we will come, locally, regionally or world wide. Click the contact us link at the bottom of this page and join us in being prepared for the unexpected. 

#1. Don’t lie to your self.
This is where self-defense begins with self-awareness. We are intuitive, our subconscious mind recognizes pre-attack indicators, and we are created with amazing self-defense abilities. Our innate physical skills, if applied appropriately, give us the ability to protect our selves at a higher level than most understand.</p>

#2. Martial Arts does not equal self-defense.
“It doesn’t take years of training…don’t confuse your personal safety with martial arts.” – Coach Tony Blauer.
At the Fallout Shelter, we love competitive and traditional martial arts. However, the complex motor skills involved with martial arts are seldom seen in real violent encounters. When you take a self-defense course with us, we will teach you how to use your body’s tools appropriately during a violent encounter, how to recognize threatening behavior, and to defuse and avoid using violence unless absolutely necessary. We are certified Blauer personal defense readiness coaches, and we strongly believe that the Blauer system of self-defense is the pinnacle of self-defense. The system is effective, based on physics, psychology and physiology and is legal, moral and ethical.

#3. “Fear throttles everything.” | “The mind navigates the body.” Tony Blauer
The physical aspect of self-defense is important. No less important, however, is a mindset of choosing safety, understanding how your body responds during a frightening or startling encounter, how to detect danger, and how to overcome fear; not just in violent encounters but in day to day life. Defusing skills, stress inoculation and emotional reaction management are also critical skills addressed in our courses.

#4. If you’re going to fight, fight like you’re the third monkey on the ark’s ramp and its starting to rain.
“Indignation has won more violent encounters than any trained martial artist.” What is your personal directive? According to Coach Blauer, it must be personal, passionate and present. Have you identified your reason to protect yourself? The self-defense course covers useful tools that can be used to parallel danger and effectively protect yourself – although there are no certainty in life, we believe strongly in Preparing you for the unexpected. A self-defense course doesn’t turn you into a fighter. It is similar to a CPR course, it’s useful but it doesn’t turn you into a doctor.