Fallout Shelter Ministries has operated as a non-profit since 2016.  Providing leadership and service to others locally, nationally, and around the world.  We have served with our hearts focused on teaching others how to tap into their strengths and lead by example since 2006 through (the open door of) martial arts as a master of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Self-Defense, and Response Training.

These unique skills allow us opportunities to reach others with the Gospel of Christ and The Kingdom, unlike any traditional ministry.  Our influences have afforded us the privilege to travail with victims of Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault as well as Addiction Recovery and Trauma Recovery.  Day to day we are able to have ministry opportunities with youth and others who do not attend any church or have no other example of Christ in their life.  And week to week we travel to serve, preach.  We gather as a home church, breaking bread & diving into the Word of God.

Our ministry model is simple, to do as Jesus did and commanded.  We look to the Word for instruction, correction, edification, and revelation as we walk as Holy Spirit directs.  It is as unique for us as it was for the disciples in Corinth, Ephesus, and so on.  Working in unity, recognizing gifts and talents, loving and sacrificing so that there is no lack, forgiving and repenting quickly; seeking first The Kingdom.

The passion and pursuit of excellent and thorough training is a God-given directive.  We choose to lay down our prerogatives and share the burdens of the ones who cannot carry their own.  We meet them as they are and invite them to recognize who they are designed and destined to be.  As the Lord brings them to us, we bring them right back to Him just as Jesus instructed us.

We go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and teaching them to faithfully follow everything that the Lord commanded.  That is our mission, Priceless and Prepared, never forgetting that the Lord is with us and it is by His authority that we do all these things.

Fallout Shelter Ministries Purpose Statement

– Know God –

Lead Others to God by Word and Deed.

– Know Yourself  –

Teach and Pray through God’s Given Identity

– Know The Kingdom –

Equip to Establish the Ekklesia and Safe Haven Inside and Out.

Fallout Shelter training center currently houses:

Youth and adult boxing, taekwondo, self-defense, and firearms training.

Fallout Shelter Ministries center expansion will house:       

Meeting spaces, chapel, gathering space for weddings, concerts, and other events.

and especially Emergency housing:  

Short-term lodging for victims of trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, homeless, broken down travelers, victims of house fires or other emergency need.

When we think of ‘Fallout Shelter’, we tend to think of the ‘Cold War’ and the fear and alienation that came with it.  We chose the name ‘Fallout Shelter’ because of what they actually represent: A place of safety, refuge, equipping, and hope.

We come across so many people that feel quite the opposite about their life and circumstances.  People who are alone, unprotected, ill-equipped, and hopeless.  Some of these people have been abused from the slavery of human trafficking; some have been attacked by the slavery of lies in their lives.  Oppression is oppression.  Broken is broken.  Hurting is hurting.

We believe Christ came to restore us all to wholeness, and we desire to be an example of His power of healing grace and mercy.  Our hearts are locked-in on redeeming and strengthening others and seeing them as God sees them.  Helping others to see themselves through the Lord’s eyes is an essential desire for Fallout Shelter Ministries.

The Cold War is what is swirling fiercely all around us.  It has brought about a lack of community, compassion without action, a lack of self-confidence and an increase of selfishness.  The toxins of this Cold War will spread and grow unless we stand up, serve and fight.

We know that we are meant to be a part of the safe refuge, not part of the judging committee.  Using what talents we have, we put our faith into action.  We not only do what we can, we do what we think we cannot; watching God join the party and take it all up a notch.

Join us for our next outreach adventure!  We serve locally and globally (Thailand, Mexico, Africa…).

We are currently faced with situations where victims have no emergency safe house.  They risk discovery and fallbacks without proper care and training.  Fallout Shelter Ministries has taken it upon ourselves to travel great distances and provide care at our own cost to ensure the safety of victims.  The fact is, they and the people in this region need a facility here and they need well-trained, passionate leaders to facilitate their care.

Additionally, there are those who are asked to step into such roles of caretaking, service, and leadership, but the possibilities and options for being trained well to do so are extremely limited.  It has been our privilege to travel, study and experience over our many years, and become equipped servant-leaders ourselves so that we can lift up others and release them to do the same.  We currently lack the available or properly equipped space to engage in training as we feel called to do.

As such, we’ve been in prayer and searching for a suitable location and facility to become a homebase for Fallout Shelter Ministries.  Our vision has been for a facility that is able to grow with the needs of the people we are called to serve.  This has not been an easy search or an easy vision to take on.  We know that it is what the Lord’s planted within our hearts as it is definitely a God-sized dream.

We are called to excellence, we are called to be the Premier Training Center in the Region.  Touching the corners of the map, drawing other ministries and businesses.  Reaching outside of our own spheres of influence allows us to multiply our efforts.  Their knowledge, wisdom, and discernment can strengthen the ministries, as well as businesses, within our city of Watertown and our state of South Dakota.

It is not Fallout Shelter Ministries who need this facility.  The world needs this facility so that we can do what we are designed and destined to do.  A fallout shelter for God is not built in the dark, lying in wait under the ground like the dead.  We are a City on a Hill, vibrant and alive.  You are here to help us build it.