Fallout Shelter Ministries was founded on the premise of preparing people for the unexpected. We have worked on a small scale, teaching Martial Arts and Firearms since 2005, reformating into a non-profit in 2016.
Since then, our part of God’s ministry has grown. We have a lifestyle of saying yes to God’s call, and we have identified a need right here in the Great Plains, here in Watertown SD.
We know that 2020 has been eye-opening for lots of people. From human trafficking coming to the forefront of peoples minds, to fear of illness, political unrest, violent riots, and a litany of other issues, the need for Fear management, spiritual (and physical) fitness, self-defense, and personal protection skills have become critical. These life-preserving skills are greatly needed and will be for the foreseeable future.
We are asking for your financial support to increase our ability to serve the people at risk as well as those who share a like mindset and wish to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • The Fallout Shelter Homebase initiative will provide the following:
  • A Homebase for martial arts, self-defense, and firearms instruction.
  • A ministry center for youth groups, missional communities, and faith-based groups to meet at low or no cost.
  • A safe emergency housing location for people experiencing a crisis.
  • A training center for missionaries to meet, train, and refresh before going out into the field or when returning.
  • The potential for hosting weddings, family, and business events.
All of these things allow our part of God’s kingdom work to be increased.
If you wish to learn more, contact us and we will be happy to meet with you or your group.
If you wish to support us financially, please click “sponsor our efforts” on the bottom of the page.

When we think of ‘Fallout Shelter’, we tend to think of the ‘Cold War’ and the fear and alienation that came with it.  We chose the name ‘Fallout Shelter’ because of what they actually represent: A place of safety, refuge, equipping, and hope.

We come across so many people that feel quite the opposite about their life and circumstances.  People who are alone, unprotected, ill-equipped, and hopeless.  Some of these people have been abused from the slavery of human trafficking; some have been attacked by the slavery of lies in their lives.  Oppression is oppression.  Broken is broken.  Hurting is hurting.

We believe Christ came to restore us all to wholeness, and we desire to be an example of His power of healing grace and mercy.  Our hearts are locked-in on redeeming and strengthening others and seeing them as God sees them.  Helping others to see themselves through the Lord’s eyes is an essential desire for Fallout Shelter Ministries.

The Cold War is what is swirling fiercely all around us.  It has brought about a lack of community, compassion without action, a lack of self-confidence and an increase of selfishness.  The toxins of this Cold War will spread and grow unless we stand up, serve and fight.

We know that we are meant to be a part of the safe refuge, not part of the judging committee.  Using what talents we have, we put our faith into action.  We not only do what we can, we do what we think we cannot; watching God join the party and take it all up a notch.

Join us for our next outreach adventure!  We serve locally and globally (Thailand, Mexico, Africa…).