Get Exposed…

Whether you are an employer looking to strengthen your business, a teacher hoping to educate your students, a church body looking for preparedness or an individual who wants to discover the potential within, you owe it to yourself to go just a little further and check out our classes.

We are here for you so that you can be there for yourself, firstly, and then for others.  If you don’t have a solid foundation within yourself, it’s pretty difficult to protect yourself, let alone others.

We offer a number of classes and seminars to give your feet some solid ground to stand on.  To dig deep, press on and move forward is one thing, but when you grow enough to give others a boost – that’s a great reward.

If you want to clear the air and know the backgrounds and underlining drive of the Fallout Shelter Ministries, you’ve started at a great place.  But give us a shout and ask whatever you feel led to.

We are a work in progress. Imperfect people who are driven by a purpose that is, honestly, beyond what we can fully grasp.

But we are going for it, regardless.

We hope to inspire you to do the same.

Check us out, contact us and sign up today.


What FOS is all about:

  • Building multi-generational relationships.
  • Serving as a multi-point resource for communities.
  • Combating Human Trafficking/Slave Trade.
  • Developing self-defense programs.
  • Strengthening people and organizations.

What FOS is NOT about:

  • Bullying and pushing agendas.
  • Ghost-posting media to make the unrealistic seem realistic.
  • Facilitating propaganda or tag-line hype.
  • Encouraging perfection rather than personal excellence.
  • Hiding our faith as servants of our Lord, Jesus Christ.