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Richard Ohm

Richard Ohm

TKD & Self Defense and Firearms Instructor

About Richard:

Mr. Ohm is a 3rd Dan black belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do and holds certificates from the Chung Do Kwan Combat Association, Chung Do Kwan International, and the Kukkiwon. Mr. Ohm has extensive background in self defense techniques and is a certified PPCT Control Tactics instructor, Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor, Sexual Harassment and Rape prevention instructor, and Modern Warrior Ground Fighting Instructor. Mr. Ohm is also a Fight Like A Girl Instructor. Mr. Ohm practices and teaches HapKiDo and is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. Ohm was awarded the Martial Artist Hall of Fame Instructor of the year for Taekwondo and Hapkido in 2014, and received the award in Frederick, Maryland. Mr. Ohm was the head instructor of Miller Martial Arts school for 4 years prior to coming to Watertown and coached numerous students who have won state championships in TKD sparring and forms. Mr. Ohm has been certified as a PPCT Instructor since 2003 and has trained police officers at the local and state levels. Mr. Ohm has also taught law enforcement and private individuals safe firearms handling since 2003. An avid shooter and outdoorsman throughout his life, Ohm enlisted in the Air Force after high school graduation and serving as a law enforcement officer for 12 years, he is a trained SWAT entry team member and defensive tactics instructor. In addition, Ohm is Certified to instruct: – pistol and shotgun (NRA CERTIFICATE) – less lethal munitions (NTOA and DefTech) – patrol rifle (Centermass Training) – defensive tactics and martial arts (Modern Warrior, PPCT, Fight Like a Girl etc) A strong believer in the individual’s right and responsibility to defend themselves and their family, Ohm strives to prepare people for the unexpected. Through classes at the Fallout Shelter Martial Arts and Self Defense, willing students can learn safety, confidence and peace of mind.

Contact: richohm@falloutsheltersd.com